Past Games

>>Unfortunately, our game's status is at Alpha by the end of this jam and thus still WIP.
Once upon a time... you were a moth. Congratulations!
Short Description: These bugs just love jumping! Sadly, they don't do so on their favorite flowers. Rearrange them via drag&drop to increase their happiness and synchronize their heartbeats. Your efforts may or may not be rewarded with a heartbreaking gift.
It's Ragnarök time and Vikings need to die! You are one of two vikings in a coop game, who want to go to walhalla as a hero. The only problem: They are incarcerated, tied together and dislike each other. When Ragnarök starts, the prison wall breaks and they start running. Both players needs to drink beer, collect treasury, kill enemies and frustrate the other viking to become the last action hero before Ragnarök.