Past Games

The city is attacked by a mad paddle and ball, and you must fix it block by block and survive until the time is up! A thinly-veiled misunderstood allegory about urban decay in an unofficial Wall-E pr
Your parents are selling the house you grew up in... are growing up in...
Help the poor little birdy complete his humanitarian mission in this amazing 3D adventure! Escape from the evil Ugandan professor's laboratory and find the holy ice cream! Warning: may caus
Slide across the ice cream waves as George Sweetwave, the sweet-toothed Orca Whale! Eat as many sweets as you can while avoiding the garbage! Instructions: Press space to jump, hold space to rush, h
A competitive fighting game where each player tries to throw his/her foe out of the arena to sacrifice them to the Aztec's gods!
A game developed by Hobo Studios. When faced with the question "What do we do now?" we tried to think, not of the answer to the question but rather of what makes a man ask it in the fir

Hearty Games