Past Games

A 2-player game in which both players can't see much but need to defend a crystal from the darkness. However, when the players come together their enemy position will be revealed.
A two player game where you are both bleeding out. You have to share the one heart you have to pump blood and stay alive. There arent only monsters after you also the sky islands you live on are breaking apart! Jump to safety of another one that floats nearby! Controls: Player 1: W = Jump A = Move Left D = Move Right F = Punch/Hit R = Throw Heart Player 2: I = Jump J = Move Left L = Move Right H = Punch/Hit Y = Throw Heart
You are a small being, trapped forever in limbo with all other beings. Your steps echo in their experiences.
A game about Sperms. There, I said it. You are a little Sperm, and like your little brothers, you want to get to the egg cell.