Past Games

Using video transmission, pay attention to what fries its brain the most.
A local multiplayer battle arena. Players must activate energy towers to unleash shockwaves and wipe the rival. Controller Needed!!!
A misterious roguelike that puts you in a submarine pilot's role. Survive as long as you can in this suspense driven game.
With a concept that seems to come from a serious game, Quantum Leap lets you play the role of an electron that needs to switch between the valance layers of it's atom to reflect gamma rays, while
MirrorriM is a plataform styled puzzle game that tells the story of Gooseman, a not so common creature settled in an unknown planet.
You are the hero, the one to save the world from the Eternal Rain. Try to enjoy your last days of peace before the journey that awaits you.
Cookthulhu is a game about the unfortunate day where you accidentally summoned Cthulhu while cooking! The game has no written or audio sentence so bear with us if you don't understand how to p