Past Games

An old-school text adventure about going to Mars for a trip with no return ticket.
You become a router. You must transmit information. You are the only machine out there that can keep the internet working.
The game features the theme "Waves" three (3) separate ways: 1. The events take place at a wavy sea in which our pirate elephant protagonist, Piraphant, is sailing with a boat. 2. The only way to control Piraphant is to generate sound waves (=shout like a maniac). 3. All assets of the game are made of wavy cardboard. In addition, there are other cool features as well like Piraphant's upgradeable boat. BUT BEWARE: There are some nasty Sharpy Sharks swimming in the ocean and constantly trying to destroy your precious ship... Note: the game is intended to be played by a crowd or audience through the use of an ambient microphone, though in the gameplay video is played only by one player.
A video game about a very common finnish mating ritual, don't get too drunk, things might get out of hand!