Past Games

This is a personal game representing some of the things I went through in my life life all the way to finding each other with my girlfriend, with whom I share many of the passions I developed over tim
Welcome to Fort de Bois-d'Arcy, Mr. President! Your mission is to transmit your ideas to the people, so that together you may build a brighter future for your country.
2 player local PvP in inflatables inside a pool sorrounded by spikes using water waves to push each other towards the spikes.
A game of surreal storytelling around a Mate, develop a story while you share a mate with four peeps, a sort of cotidian social ritual.
A 2D single player side scroller where the player must gather, choose and replace life experiences before death reaches him/her.
It’s a Grow like game, that revolves around six people standing around a black hole and reflecting about their live.
The game begins when Basi the Panda explodes, scattering away every part of his body. You play as Panda's heart, trying to recover every part of his lost body and unlock new movements and mechanics on the run.