Stephen Robert Froeber

Past Games

Broken Heart is a 2D side scroller game about 2 siblings- Morgan and Author. Author died unexpectedly in a car crash 6 months ago, and Morgan has been unable to heal her broken heart.
Multiplayer ball reflection battler using multiple waveforms in superposition.
An endless runner which where you generate music based on your jump timing. A kind of "improvisation made easy" game.
In a world where everyone is forced to sit bored in rows upon rows of neverending bleachers, one person dares to defy the tedium, and start a crowd wave that rocks the world.
Create your very own religion and proselytize an atheistic utopia living in peace and harmony running it down the road of ruin straight to hell. Ok sry, we don't have a hell.
Find recipes and collect items to perform rituals and summon stuff in a mysterious world full of secrets and puzzles.
Firstborn to a god of Chaos, scourge of the world! Heir to a throne of skulls, waterfalls of blood, kingdom of darkness! Destined for great evil, destruction of order, corruption of worlds! And....