Past Games

This heist has all the right ingredients: - The royal burger, created by the queen herself; the most valuable burger ever created - A lousy security guard who cares more about his phone than his job
Lost in Transmission is a game where you can experience the last moments of an stranded astronaut.
An epic 3/4-player local multiplayer game where you get to fulfill your ultimate childhood dream - to control a T-Rex!
Pull and stretch Gore against 3 other players in this boisterous iPad party game. ------- 3rd place at GGJ Hilversum, The Netherlands ------- Check out the trailer: --- ------- and awesome gameplay session: ---
Hanq lands on the mysterious planet Raqi. The cute indigenous creatures are being threatened by an... ugly indigenous monster. Ugly monsters should die. So Hanq decides to do what is necessary and bring freedom to the cuties. By abducting... no, helping them! He's gonna save em all! Or is he...?

Hearty Games