Past Games

Touch people, make them your friends.
Typing of the dead + programming + "drinking healthy beverages in moderate fashion" = profit This game attaches to a specified twitch channel to read and write to the chat via IRC protocol.
The year is 20XX in the city of Neo Oulu. Crime is rampant. A local skyscraper has been taken over by terrorist and it's your job to clean out the trash.
This is how we see our business. Business management game in software business environment, take good care of your code monkeys, hire more employees and make more money, negotiate deals and grow yo
Free heart is a platform game where you must help a heart to escape to Hawaii. Use arrow keys to change the angle of the jumps.
As the world is falling apart after centuries of living, it falls upon you to collect gems containing essences of life. Use your previous incarnations to your advantage in your attempt to preserve the essences, so that the world may start it's cycle of life again.