Past Games

A 2D platforming adventure starring Crabby the crab. Crabby uses his special shells to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Pickup different shells to wield different abilities.
A 4 person competitive brawler in which you throw books at your opponents to fill their heads with knowledge (until they can't take any more!) Each book you get hit by grants you powers based on
You have forsaken Poseidon, God of the Sea. You and your crew have failed to pay tribute and now he will only accept your lives as recompense.
As everyone knows, computers are powered chiefly by black magic. Defend yours in this endless runner-simon mashup game.
To succeed in What do? We Do. NOW! you must do what What does when he says NOW!
A game about diversity. Experience an abstraction of life in each of two very different perfect societies.
Who ever heard of a vampire who vas as blind as a bat? Feel your vay around zer village, seeking zer sounds of zer heart. Drink zer blood and return to zer crypt before sunrise. Use WASD or the arrow keys to move the blind vampire. Find the humans and drink their blood, but watch out for knights. Collect enough blood and return to your crypt before sunrise to earn medals. Hold the spacebar to become a bat and fly over some obstacles (costs blood to use). Download .zip file for better performance (XNA Required)
Roll to the finish as quickly as possible, ensuring you defeat the opponent.
One player is a dino trying to get back to it's nest. The other player is a time traveler from the future defending the dino from aliens. Dino and traveler work together.