Past Games

The valley you call home has been overrun and destroyed. You must rebuild and take it back.
An (unfinished) #pico8 procedural fantasy adventuring guild management sim.
space trade empire game. colonize planets, mine resources and stuff
A collaborative & cooperative music game for up to eight players. Players share two sides of a controller and are encouraged to create a groove with their friends.
The crowd ("The Chorus") attempts to direct the The Operator of "The Device" in order to save everyone from the aliens.
Five players; each controls a unique robot with a distinct sensory perception array.
A Egypt-noir text adventure with a twist. Beware the text!
Reprise combines music, shape, and color to bring the cycles of destruction and creation to life!
Extinction! Aliens (some cute, some terrible) have come in search of something! Will their search leave a planet desolate in the process? Find out soon!