Past Games

The most hardcore dating sim for Slipknot fans. Create your metal-head bio find the perfect match!
A networked multiplayer game about finding each other in an atmospheric world full of blinding lights, spires, coral and mysterious structures.
Ever want to Curl up and Dye? Don't despair! We do hair repair!
A story about fixing the internet on your parent's computer.
A game about climbing a sinking tower.
A game about pushing around traffic jams to prevent a bomb from exploding!
Daily Grind is the story of the every-man. It's a game about brushing your teeth and driving to work. It's a game about alarm clocks and microwave dinners.
"What do we do now?" scream the unending stream of demanding heroes. Give them quests to shut them up... Briefly.
Redshift is local multiplayer arena space combat game.
Relativity messes with pretty much everything in space, especially high-speed territorial conflict.
This is a game that inspires you about trains. In every level, you have to get your train from point A (on the left) to point B (on the right). Between these two points will be fiendish obstacles (such as circular grey mountains) and spawn points for various kinds of railroad bandits. You’ll need to learn how to arm and armour yourself in such a way that you can make it to the end without succumbing to these hordes.
A pyramid-building tile-sliding tower defense game. Protect the Aztecs in the continuous cycle of civilization and destruction.
Lextinction is a game about breeding and mutating words to try and stop the extinction of letters by creating new words.
It's a who dunnit, but backwards. You are the killer. The game plays like Memento as you navigate various flashbacks and try not to break causeality. Your goal is to keep your lies congruent in order to lead the detective to the wrong conclusion and arrest someone who isn't you.