Sonya N

Past Games

Rumors of ghosts at Benjie’s Toys got the better of your friend’s curiosity, and no one has seen her since. You’ve decided to go find her yourself. The Locked Toybox is a puzzle escape room.
You've been sent to gather info a space station that was abandoned under unknown circumstances... but the drones you have available to send in are somewhat limited in their abilities.
Traverse and search a junkyard to find necessary parts and repair a giant robot. As abilities are added to the robot, the player is able to explore more of the area.
You are an alien scientist on a world without much technological advancement. But you've just encountered the signals of another friendly alien race - neighbors in your own solar system.
Engage in an epic battle between bards - as you use your Dischord instrument to respond to your opponent's musical transmissions through triads of notes.
Place obstacles around your island to prepare for the viking siege.
Robin Raccoon needs her morning caffeine fix! Use stealth to evade park creatures and Animal Control. Collect Robin's favorite vices: coffee, donuts, and smokes!