Past Games

Help Chesty Dude construction repair a skyscraper. They left the ladder at home.
A Simple card game involving flipping and turning.
It's a Shmup In Progress! Built in Construct 2 and it currently causes eyestrain using red/blue 3d glasses.
Boar Pusher (formerly Speed Stealth Game) is a where you're running towards the checkpoint as you're going to die, however if you pump yourself too hard your heartrate runs too high. Not high enough and you won't be able to make it! So you have to avoid beasts in the forest, keep pumping and grab bunnies to calm off. It's an infinite runner. This should be good. And if you want some wallpaper of the game's main image...
You're stuck in a box factory with no end in sight, the guards are in front of you and all you have is some bugs, a slug and a plug. WHAT DO YOU DO? Deceive em you fool! Man up and make a break for it!