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Past Games

Is this the real life, or is just fantasy? You're inebriated and you have to get out of the house where you were playing D&D.
Evil Snail will drop Bombs. Doge!
You are the crazy kaiju doctor! Try to heal the poor monster defeated in battle by repairing his brain with needles and lots of love! In a city shaken by the attack of a now defeated monster, take c
Countryballs seem to have lost their home, help them go back by blasting them to Earth.
A trans robot with an identity crisis, doesn't know if it is a Jaeger or a Transformer.
Guide a Deep Water predator using the sounds of your MIDI keyboard, but beware of the dangers of the abyss. You're a Hungry but Blind Golden Gulper Eel.
There was a time when gods weren't worshipped, but feared. They did not wish for prayers, but for tributes. The only way to placate them was to feed them with innocent blood.
What do we do now? For most of people the answer is: "Let's break the work of someone else, let's use all the weapons that internet provide me!" You are in a game. A game unde
In this game, you are a crystalline creature who roams in the endless depths of the crystal dungeon, the last remnant of an ancient civilization. Your life depends on colors.