Past Games

The Blacksmith Brothers defend their village from the Jelly Jams. A local multiplayer tower defense game.
An old man, far away from home has found fire. He wants to go back home and share it with everyone but the odds and Gods are against him.
In a world of silence, a girl finds an old radio out of which she can hear the music played by the Muses.
A pirate by the name of Krsto sails with his ship and collects gold and barrels of rum trying to get to his island by avoiding the dangers of the sea.
Four people are summoning spirits in a house that is a home to the little ghost, which is the main character of our game.
Nightmares seen through the eyes of a child whose sins are reflected in the mirrors. (still in development, final verison coming soon)
Missing Heart is a multiple choice game where your choices determine the fate of the heart. Use your mouse to click on the arrows.