Past Games

Flowers and Bees. Your hive is in urgent need of repair. Every bee is on it's own to go out and collect the required nectar as fast as it can. Fast pace board game.
Die Kinder sind endlich im Bett, Zähne geputzt und Licht gelöscht. Ganz überraschend bekommen alle Kinder nur 5 Sekunden nach dem Licht löschen grossen Hunger. Deshalb schnell raus aus dem Bett
Joe the vampire wants to have a closer look at Linda's neck (*transmission* of bodily fluids being his eventual goal).
Your non FCC compliant broadcast waves crashed our UFO! Prepare to be assimilated.
RITUALIN is a turn-based Strategy Game in a preceduraly generated 3D world. Two players fight for predominance.
Use any RED object in front of your camera to hit EUROs trying to get into Switzerland. Try to avoid hitting any Swiss Francs. For a good workout try standing 3m from your camera:-) The 'C&#