Past Games

As the overlord : You have to manage your dungeon by ordering your children to take care of it. To motivate them, give them money to push them to do it.
That is the question. Why don't you play to check it out?
APOPTOSE puts you in the shoes of the first traces of life on earth, 3.6 Billion years ago. So here it is, LIFE! now what?
Trust is a game for 2 players that uses the Oculus Rift and the Razer Hydra to create an Asymetric Gameplay. The player with the Oculus Rift and the Razer Hydra is inside a building.
Ride accross a field of cylinders. Don't stay too long on a cylinder, or he will switch off. Only switched on cylinders will help you to reach the top. Once at the top, you'll have to run down for your life before the final extinction. Mouse button to jump on cylinder, "r" to restart level.
Give me your skin is a 2D top view game in which you control an infiltrated female spy in a asian medieval village to seduce its prince.