Slime Meteor

Past Games

Human vs Zombie 表面上是類似黑白棋的益智遊戲,事實上它其實在諷刺和取笑現代手機遊戲的廣告文化。玩家的主要目的是把全部的棋子都變成相同類。遊戲到一個階段會沒辦法過關。唯一過關的方式是選擇看廣告。廣告和遊戲的功能會模糊,引導玩家玩廣告裡的遊戲而原本的遊戲會變得玩不得。 Human vs Zombie is a satirical take on mobile games.
The crazy scientist has found the power that can contend earthquake!
In Taipei Metro(MRT), as a public environment, there are several rules to be considered as local customs or impolite behaviors. That also be called common sense.
Two actors fight to get the Ending Movie actor, they running and attack other to win the place.
有一個外星人,它很不喜歡現在的頭。 於是,它想換成其他的頭來改變自己。 外星人必須要收集相同形狀的頭來維持自己的生命。
It is a game about a programmer who has heart disease want go home from a darkness building with power failure. You only have limited resource and your heart disease. Both the heart beat is too fast or too slow, the programmer will die. You need to keep the programmer alive and get the highest score. Something will appear in front of you, medicine or monsters, be careful!