Past Games

Bobbie just wants to spend a quiet day in doing laundry but the hatch in his laundry room has other plans... Laundry Day plays entirely in Augmented Reality on a single small-ish wall, with a style
A VR driving & shooting game inspired by Namco's 1992 arcade title "Lucky & Wild". The player takes on the role of ace cop "McShooty".
A VR experience played with an exercise bike and touch controls! Take on the role of Wave Boy, a heroic neighborhood paperboy who delivers both friendly waves and fresh copies of the Wave Street Jo
This game is about what a space mercenary does every day. His ritual includes: waking up, going to the bathroom, checking his holowrist for assistance, and professional mercenary work.
The game where everyone did it. The Queen of Space Colony X is pregnant and she is hungry for the father’s head.
Polymorph into the creatures of a dungeon a-la Nethack to reach an amulet and lift a curse. (Featuring first-person gameplay on the Oculus Rift!)
You know how you can play WarioWare on 1 device? Imagine if you could play it on INFINITE devices? Okay, not infinite, but 5. Introducing, for your enjoyment, Awkward Friend Hour! Gather a few of your closest friends and enemies for a foray into heart-pumping minigame heaven. Setup is easy! Just grab a keyboard, a mouse, that old Xbox controller sitting in your garage (you have a garage, right?), a joystick from back when you actually played flight simulators, and your tossed-aside Rock Band microphone, and you're ready for FUN with all capital letters and definitely no period (that's an inside joke that you're not part of... aaaawkward)! So, you got this far, and you have no idea what our game is about. Thanks for your continued interest! Here's how this incredible experience works: You and all your buddies stand around a screen, and everyone grabs one of those gaming peripherals we just mentioned. The Overlord, an unforgiving sentient life form that you do NOT want to mess with (and that is definitely not just a random number generator) chooses 2 minigames to appear on the screen. Each minigame requires a different peripheral device, so whichever 2 people are holding the necessary peripherals for the minigames that popped up need to play those games for as long as they stay on the screen. Your only goal is to NOT FAIL. Each time someone fails, your team loses a heart. This is probably self-explanatory, but you only have so many of these hearts, so you definitely don't want to lose them. Last until the end of the round, and 2 NEW minigames selected by The Overlord pop up. Wash, rinse, and repeat for as long as your team can manage to NOT FAIL. Remember, DON'T FAIL, that's not how you succeed. See? This game has life lessons built in, too! Now for the endless list of games: Tic Tac Tie; Renaissance Bro; Ancient Invisible Face of the Deathless God; Tower of TI-Terror; Atomic Hotdog Vendor!; Turf&Turf; Chubby Bunny; Okay, time to stop reading and start playing. Enjoy!
A modern retelling of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, in the mold of the Infocom text adventures of the 1980's. Features immersive sound-driven gameplay with no visual input.