Past Games

Welcome to Calamacity, a sleepy island town whose happy residents are under siege by constant and bizarre disasters! This game is a rogue-like city-builder where you face off against Waves of Waves
Haresson is the best space trucker rabbit around. He's a one rabbit crew, keeping his vessel ship-shape with a handy daily routine. Until today!
Player is dropped in the middle of a 3 faction war. Change the outcome.
An escaped lab monkey who must stop a runaway train from crashing. Arrow keys to move/jump Spacebar to pick up/use items
A David vs.
You are a dragon in a volcano with the ability to enchant the world. When you cast an enchantment all players will be temporarily changed.
Quanta is a game of routing battery cells inside a robotic circulatory system to different stations to keep them active during a period of time. As the batteries charge power stations, the cells need to be recharged at the charger (the heart). Game play is done by controlling junctions to determine how cells are routed in a real-time setting. A series of levels dictate play, and there is a level editor where users can create levels and upload them to a server so other users can play them.
A desperate physician named "Dr." Love has to get a heart to the hospital before the heart dies in order to save lil' Jimmy. Unfortunately, the ambulance he's riding in crashes. It's up to "Dr." Love to run the heart to the hospital, while periodically pumping the heart back into good health to save lil' Jimmy! Tutorial (cause we ran out of time to do it in-game) You have three health points and will lose one each time you collide with an object. Once you take damage, you can pump your heart on the bottom EKG machine to regain one health point. You pump the heart when the EKG line is over the indicator. You must match three heart beats in a row to regain one health point. Controls: Press the up-arrow to jump and the down-arrow to slide under objects and semi-trucks. Press the space bar to pump the heart. Protip: You can jump on the red birds and use them as a platform. Cause that makes sense. ENDING: There is none. When you reach the non-ending emptiness... the game is over. Sorry duder.
**Update: This project was scrapped because it was beyond the scope of a 48 hour game** A space shooter where you control the music! Do well and the melody plays as intended. You have full control but to avoid the bullets you must play the correct melody!