Past Games

Made for the Vive. You only need the right controller (and it will not be visible in game). Watch the green cube. Press the grip.
You are a brain and heart resting in a vat in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, one of many lined up against the back wall. He hasn’t quite got around to building his monster yet, but Igor has been hard at work gathering body parts from wherever he can find them. All of the hearts are defective in one way or another, so the Doctor has decided that he will build his monster using whichever one manages to choose itself a body first. Place tiles to connect body parts to your circulatory system. 2-4 Players. More players is better.
A grey nation is a united nation. But thought can be contagious and spreads easily among unwatched individuals. Thoughts are represented by colours, and they seep between close individuals. You play the role of a totalitarian organisation exerting control over the population. Your goal: to make thoughts, ideas and the individual extinct. Towers are placed down to influence the population, other tools have an effect on an area and the game at the moment is quite unfinished and unbalanced. Select the tools with numbers (1-3), click to place them. You can also hit R to reset the board. Rather unfinished at the moment.