Past Games

Fight against time as a little environmentally-friendly diver trying to suck out chemical waste from the ocean before it gets overrun by pollution.
Play as either a cat or dog and explore your new home!
Target the virus with the precise angle of attack and transmit the disarm code. Prepare. Calculate. Execute.
Surfer dude has lost his surf board!!! He must find it in order to ride the biggest wave of the year!
Gateway to the Quest is a game of merging light and dark to heal a single broken world. Once, a ritual was performed to split one world into two—one dark and cruel, one light and saccharine.
An old house has burned to the ground. The owner of the house, his wife, and their maid disappeared during the destruction.
Meet X, a blob with a seemingly purposeless life. It stumbles upon the feeling of hope and curiosity by finding a heart.

Hearty Games