Past Games

Journey through an ever shifting world to gather crystals to protect your home. Guide your caravan through their adventures, and see your choices impact the future of your village.
A hungry space traveller and his robot explore a space station, scavenging for food. Hungry is a coop twin-stick shooter.
"In the XXII th century, mankind created clones, but they rebelled. The machines have developed a will of their own and have chosen not to serve humans anymore...
Bleed for speed is a local ONLY two players racing/battle game taking place in the blood system of a cat. Playable with Xbox 360 controllers (only the left analog stick), the players will battle in order to be the fastest to get to the high score or assimilate the blood fluid of the opponent. The main objective is to bring air (O²) to the different part of the cat's system, when you're out of O² you have to refill in the lungs. When full of O², you're fast in the red pipes, when you're out you're fast in the blue pipes. But you can also win by absorbing your opponent if you snuck him from behind. If you don't have Xbox controllers you can play with the keyboard, player 1 will play with WASD (english keyboard), and player 2 with the arrow keys. Have fun!