Past Games

The great guru Jay has created a set of tools and rules that will help your home feel like your own, just follow his instructions and try not to get confused when Jay constantly changes his mind. F
Help refugees on their way from Jerusalem to Damascus on this post-climate-change open-world survival exploration game.
It's like Superhot with sonar! stuck in an underwater facility overrun by zombies, and completely in the dark.
an RPCG (Role-Playing Card Game) for people & things. it is comprised of two decks: a character deck and a thing deck. each player draws a character, then by turn draws things - and must react t
An eerie first person exploration adventure with a memory-game mechanic, set in a mysterious foggy marsh land. Meet strangers carrying strange symbols, and try to find your path between them.
A climber disguised as a runner. A co-op disguised as a race. A local multiplayer game about the true nature of invisible walls, and the meaning of asymmetric gameplay.