Past Games

A co-op game for 2 players with 2 gamepads Xbox controller : - Left / right trigger = move - A button = break pair / call friend Our friendly megacorporation found an incomplete DNA sample of
"Abri" is an exploration game about expanding your world
For 2 players In Heliopolis: Cities in the Sky, there are two floating islands separated by a border. - The red island needs red resources to be powered and produce blue waste. - The blue island
For 2 players with 2 gamepads or keyboard + gamepad => Xbox controller: use stick + button A => Keyboard: use arrows + space After years of training in the East... In the Home Appliance
Every morning, King Penguin awakens and brings joy to all the people of the kingdom. After the "levée" cermenony, the King, also spiritual guide of the people, has to wander through the c
WINNER AT GLOBAL GAME JAM PARIS 2014! Armed with your truth-seeing goggles, you must overcome ennemies and unforgiving challenges in a nice and cute looking world, but where nothing is quite like it
Fall in love, what a wonderful feeling. But did you know that at the time of a love at first sight your body was subjected to strong disturbances?  Suddenly you have the dry throat, the clammy hands, your temperature rises your heart beats faster. All this is the fault of a signal which is going to leave your eye up to your heart. Transmit this signal of the highest importance can be assigned to only one messenger: the Cupidator. He is going to cross the electric signal at the speed of light and then travel through the blood stream on the back of a endorphin molecule to bring it up to the heart which will set up its best defenses against this troublemaker. And to reach the heart as fast as possible, the Cupidator will not hesitate to sacrifice some cells on its path. //***//***//***// Our team consists of a graphic designer, two programmers and a game designer. We are pleased to have given birth to Cupidator. We encourage you to discover what happens in the body at the time of a love at first sight. Cupidator is a simple shoot'm up surrounded by love.