Past Games

Your dream is became a superstar, your live is music in all place and too loud, to get inspire and compose music, not listening music means losing your inspiration The only problem are your neigh
Card game about Cold War, Politic and other events Online game 1vs1
Inspired in the serie "Los restauradores", you control 2 character to repair a house with many problems Multiplayer game, need Xbox controllers to play
You like a wizard need to help to a village to rebuild their houses
The story tell about 2 civilizations lived in peace. And the death wasn't happy about that. So the death meant a plan for solve that problem. The death disguised as an angel and I teach certai
(incomplete) Create your own town and grown by the help of gods, pray for them and grown your city Care with enemys and angry goods
En el mundo, existe una persona llamada George, el cual, odia muchos problemas de la sociedad actual, porque las personas no tienen ganas de pensar/discernir para poder resolver los diferentes problem
Marcelo caminaba en la calle, de repente, se encuentra con un collar tirado en el suelo, el cual se lo pone, pero en la noche, empieza a poder interactuar en una realidad distinta de la que conoce, en