Sergen Dağdaş

Past Games

You have to protect your friend and yourself. But you have to protect another object. What do you do?
The home is everything we feel in. Overview Home Makers is a friendly, competitive battle game for (feature maybe) 2-4 players (for Game Jam, 2).
After an electromagnetic field burst in outer space, our character has to complete the tasks in order to fix the ship and complete his mission.
Heavy Metal of the Satan drives crazy the world of Heaven. Transforms the peace land into a slaughter land. You must stop the song to retrieve your land back.
1st Place Award of the GGJ Ege Game Site. A native American girl's passage to the adulthood and rituals of a imaginary native American culture.
Butleton is a 2D puzzle game with hand-drawn graphics. It currently features 4 puzzles.