Past Games

Rhythmic cat game about a girl who is treating all daily stress and sorrows with cats. On the meta-level player can calm her heart while entering flow state during the game. 1st rythmic game focussed on realaxation! Player tested with girls. Somehow it works(!) we still need to test it using biofeedback and lager audience. Player taps cats to charge notes with different colors and plays notes she sees inside { } with the button on the left side of screen. She needs constantly keep in mind which cat is of what color and what note is connected to it. Just tap cats and hit the button Road map: - basic game-play mechanics (done) - start and finish of level (not done) - multiple levels (not done) - story generation. Story graph with life goals, meaningful choices and daily events (not done) - story progress connected to stress meter (not done) - player parameters, exp, and player level progression (not done)