Past Games

Our main character Jenny is a mentally unstable person. We go on a journey to understand the mental state of her and make her see a path to get better.
Soul of Frida is a puzzle game that we restore the works of famous artist Frida Kahlo.
Büyük abdestini evinden başka yerde yapamayan İmdat Bey, her gün işyerinden eve gitmek zorundadır. Çoooook zor durumda olan İmdat Bey, çevresel faktörlerden etkilenmeden ihtiyacını görmek için eve gi
Our character has to overcome the weird gravity of its world and watch out for the obstacles to reach the end point. Touching any part of the environment makes you lose your momentum.
Shoot the targets that appear on the radar as soon as possible in order to be able to protect our world. For each destroyed meteor, the score is kept.