Past Games

Transmit your kindness or lack thereof using handshakes!
Lead your people through the Red Sea without getting carried away by the waves. Eddy Moses can be played on mobile devices. It is linked to your own steps.
Back in the past Atlantis you play the last citizen which is going to left the ancient city on earth. To reach the goal you have to figure out the ancient knowledge.
In the game Audio Hunter, you play a bat. You see nothing. But you can feel the world with your waves. But appearances are deceiving!
As you can tell from the name, the game plays in a moor. In the middle of the screen is a poisoned heart, which the player needs to cure by getting to it. On his path trough the hexagonal fields, monsters produced by the heart try to stop him. There exist 3 different monsters, with a different look and number of actions. To prevent that the monsters attack you, you can dig holes and guide the creatures into them. Digging and moving will make you lose one action-point each. Requirements: OpenGL compatible video card with 64 MB RAM; Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768