Sebastian Kuehn

Past Games

/dʒeɪl/ Genre: Roguelike Dungeoncrawler You are trapped in a reassembling tower. You can only fight for your freedom by fighting your way through hordes of guards floor by floor.
The earth is branded by war. Autonomous drones roam the surface and shoot anything that moves.
hjem is a game about discovering the true meaning of home. You have lost consciousness in the middle of a blizzard. Without any orientation, the only way to survive is to find your beloved home.
Genre: Survival Horror | As the signal from Blackwood Station perishes, Dylan Hall is immediately sent to investigate the problem. Not knowing about the whereabouts of the current tower warden, h
A peculiar signal was what set off Pawel and Olga Apricottas' journey. What followed, were dangerous chasms, snowy heights and dark caves.