Past Games

The yodeling pickle rhythm game. Are you worthy of your yodeling pickle family?
eyePipe is an infinite runner that utilizes the Tobii eye tracker. There are no physical controls, so you must watch where you want to go to avoid obstacles.
Get into a meditative rhythm in your mundane office job
A two player puzzle game where communication is key to unlocking the secrets of two rooms and escaping alive. Each player begins alone in a separate location.
You kin has been stranded on an island and their phobias that distort the world that they see are stopping them from helping themselves.
A race against time to deliver yourself and your most vital organ to a hospital. Heart on your sleeve is a puzzle platformer where you have a limited time to carry a slippery heart to the end of the game using an intuitive player arm mechanism. Note: For best results play in 16:9 Ratio. Also note that the name of the game was changed from "Run for your life" to "Heart on your sleeve" but some of the files/names were forgotten in the change.