Past Games

You are a robot in a long-abandoned Junkyard. It's been too long since your last service, and you are gradually degrading.
The players as robots must find power sources/batteries to power their radio station to take out the other team via malicious transmissions.
A 2v2 Local co op game similar to Gang Beasts where two teams control robots and have to compete to collect parts of a radio tower to send a transmission to shut down the other team. Players can use
Watashi no namae wa ... Hatsuko Richuaru. Konno sekai wa ... Hidoi ... Soshite, watashi Mahou Shoujo ni narimasu. Demo ... Watashi no negai ...
Derek's Quest! is a 2D puzzle platformer in which you play the brave a noble Derek who has got himself locked in a dungeon.... Well... What do we do now?!