Past Games

The Amish aren’t known for dabbling in technology, and they certainly aren’t known for their aviation expertise.
Ever wanted to drive a car only using a shift stick and a pedal? No? Well, too bad, now you can! With our newly-patented CRAZY CARS, you can zoom around the roads with one hand and one foot!
2D top down exploration game, where you play a submarine in which have plunged into a dangerous abyssal ocean in search of artifacts.
You are a gnome who tries to please the Goddess in a mystical temple in the Middle East. To do so, you need to pass through the trials that challenges your senses and your purity.
You control a sentient, nervous missile! Help it fly about and stay alive while racking up points! The missile gets stressed whenever it falls too fast, climbs too high, grazes past obstacles or sticks too close to the ground! The more nervous it is, the higher your score multiplier! Your distance isn't affected by this multiplier, though. But be careful! If the missile is too stressed, it will blow up, and GAME OVER! Keep him calm by flying into soft, fluffy clouds! Will you take the risks and try to aim for the high score? Or will you see how long you will be able to fly before you blow up?