Past Games

Play with Virtues, Attitudes and Attributes to ritualize the Unity of Body/Soul/Spirit, Things/Beings/Signs, Creation/Formation/Action, Existence/Nothingness/Creativity and Individual/Community/Cosmos
Imagine in the Cup is a parody criticizing the event of big events as the World Cup in countries that are already with a stress into the infrastructure everyday work. In Brazil we will have the Soccer World Cup in 2014, in specific at São Paulo, a city that has more than 20 million habitants, the game focus into a husband that is about to become a father. He uses the subway (underground transportation) as many workers do everyday, but the day that his newborn is about to arrive there is also a world cup game, imagine the mess... IMAGINE IN THE CUP! The player takes control of this runner game, where he must try to avoid the hordes of soccer fans, and get to the hospital in time. This stress day situation is also measured with the increasing beat hart that is show with several effects into the game's ambiance. The game has a continuous status of levels, as in the end of the first level he manages to encounter a police officer that is in the way to find out a terrorist bomb at the subway, and in the second level you take control of the officer that is trying to arrive at the bomb site and defuse this bio hazard through a chemical learning mini-game.