Past Games

In the distant future of 21XX, most the world lives amongst junk and debris. Many of the worlds residents have taken to finding entertainment in the Downbeat Underground.
-Story- Cursed to survive an endless night of torment, you must fight against your fate and purge the darkness of its demons.
It's time to separate the champs from the chumps... --SHUT UP AND DRAFT!-- In this authentic Barles Charkley(tm) party experience, generate the ballin-est trading card to come home with the
Two waves at different frequencies will be out of phase with each other, but if one starts at the right time, they can reach zero together. Controls: Press space to trigger an oscillation.
A delicate duet where two players toot their way to the goal.
The avatar is split amongst 3 color channels. Each color is controlled autonomously by a player. If you have a color in your avatar, you have that color's abilities.
Color Picker Platformer. Controls: Arrows or WSAD
Shave beards to become the world's fastest barber.
After generations spent converting to a digital environment the negative consequences of living in a habitat devoid of organic, natural influences are becoming apparent. Humans have redesigned their habitat to be separate from nature. Furthermore, people are living primarily in digital spaces. In an attempt to avoid being driven mad by an abundance of strict geometric angles, humans embark on a quest to redesign their habitat. Unfortunately, they find that these new digital spaces are continually overrun by viruses, a byproduct of the past era of digital focus. Unless someone can stop the viruses, humanity will be literally driven insane thus seeding their own extinction.
A puzzle game where you have to escape a dungeon. You manipulate light and darkness to deceive the guards, allowing you to escape.