Past Games

A game about a man looking for his dog in a troll cave. They might have eaten him, who knows? He will need to trap all trolls to find out. A gameplay about limited resources and trapping your foes.
MAAT is a game about an elder hoarder who is in a journey in the desert with many others. The game makes a link between the weight of the items this elderly man finds with the weight of his own soul.
Snookers Dungeon Crawler, sounds fun right? TLOK is a Dungeon Crawler themed Snooker game where the player needs to pocket the Heroes to proceed to the next levels.
"Twitch Defenders" is a competitive Tower Defense game designed to be played exclusively with hashtag commands on Twitch. Do you support Order or Chaos?
Albus is a parallel universe of white energy. Three mages, red, green and blue, seek to clean the source of all power. They seek for the white, the merge, the uno. #ggj14
Ever lasting action role-playing game! Run through dungeons and conquer the heart of your princess! And then run again, and again, and again, and again...