Past Games

------ ---- - - - S H A D Y B U I L D E R S -- - - - - - - ----- // a card / tabletop game for 3-6 players /* each player is playing a different character, with a different dream home *
Experimental game with direct brainwave stimulation made by Sasu Louke during Global Game Jam 2017 at FGJ Jyväskylä site, Finland
The game was made by Sasu Louke and Tomi Ruuska during the global game jam 2016 The Graphics are done with ink on paper. Try t out, fat the cat. just do it.
John is slightly obese, Yolosaurus is lurking in the darkness, few things are as they seem. Grab your flashlight and venture into the depths of John´s nightmares in this innovative puzzle game.