Past Games

Play as a VR player preparing a romantic dinner, or play with a controller as one of the cats causing chaos to hinder the preparations. 2 to 4 player game.
Control a remote drone rover on a distant planet, to prepare the ground the for future colonization of your people.
You finally get to see your favorite band live, you are so close to the stage that you can almost touch them, and then, the singer jumps to surf the waves formed by the hands of his biggest fans, yes
Perform a ritual dance for Loki as you navigate through a path filled with obstacles. Be sure not to anger the deity by messing it up! Requires controllers.
Build your rocket to escape the planet and work together to overcome sudden crises.
What do you perceive? Somnis is an experimental game where the player explores strange senses to explore an even stranger world.
Piledriver! portrays an epic struggle between 4 vikings trying to prove their strength to the village.
Size Matters is an abstract puzzle/platformer game in which the player is able to change size to solve puzzles