Salvatore Brando

Past Games

FPS - First Person Stealth, in the game we are Edward Snowden, and we return to the CIA for steal other secret information, but we have to be carefull because the facility is full of CIA Agent!
Save your self from a tsunami wave! Use the lost cargo that hits the shores of your island to build up a structure and rescue yourself from the Shark that swims nearby...
A devote Druid must accomplish Gods wills! The game was born as asynchronous co-op game, where a 'God' player suggests to one (or more) Druid player how to build a ritualistic site similar
SUSPANCE! ROMANZA!! EXTREMELY VIOLENT GORE!!! KITTY FIGHTS (not sure about it though...)!!!!
Side scrolling platform runner. Runaway from your personal trainer and eat as much as you can to get fatty point!