Past Games

Wicked looters are after your hoard! Turn those pigmen to bacon by turning your head & unleashing your fire by shouting! Needs Oculus Rift DK2 & a microphone.
See the world through your opponents eyes but don't see yourself get shot.
Jorma is an old man suffering severe heart condition. Only joy in Jorma's life is Barbara, his nurse. Actually, Jorma is kinda obessed to Barbara. Too bad, Barbara doesn't quite feel the same.. Help Jorma to catch Barbara to get some love for once more, but beware of running too hard; Jorma's heart will get him killed if pushed too far. Luckily there are beta sealer pills lying around, use them to temporarily lower Jorma's heart rate!
The good Green Awesomedudes need to survive a dangerous trek through a territory held by the Red Goolmonsters. Use your Orbital Samurai Laser Cannon to lure the opposition out of your way!
(very)buggy but proofing the concept of network multiplayer on wp7 :3
The pixels are about to get extinct. Keep them alive for as long as you can by guiding them with your finger.
A grand tale for pie.