Past Games

Repair porcelain pieces with glue by coordinating your hands.
A platform game where, due to unknown events, the Earth is completely messed up, while heroes try to delay the unavoidable, you, a simple citizen, must pickup your must valuable objects and leave Eart
In Mining Mall you play as a crypto anarchist hacking wifi routers to mine JAM Coins (XJC) using other's devices.
A local multiplayer battle arena. Players must activate energy towers to unleash shockwaves and wipe the rival. Controller Needed!!!
A game about a ritual to bring back the former president of Breasail. Dead before even claim his title, his followers now try to encarnate his soul into a novice acolyte of the cult.
Joana is a ghost kid who is lost in a unknown place, she needs to find a way to modify their own destiny!