Ryotaro Tsuda

Past Games

An action packed arena fighter game, in steampunk flair. The steam machine crabs of the crazy Prof. Zeus are escaped and he has to catch them before they wreck havock around the area!
This years theme is "WAVES". We imagined "WAVES" as "VIBRATION", then "to Shake something" at final. We created a game in which, the player controls cute robo
「俺より強いベタに会いに行く」 ベタは闘魚と呼ばれ、オス同士の縄張り争いは激しい攻撃を伴います。 相手のベタを縄張りの外に追い出し、メスのベタに食べさせると生き残って勝利となります。 世界で一番強いベタを目指しましょう! " I'm gonna meet stronger Betta than me.
GGJTUT2015 #4 Team Hamamatsu Find and Collect Mr.Suzuki
普段のあなたが見ている現実は、真実ではない……回転によって陶酔し、トランス状態になることにより、真実の道を見ることができる! Things you see usually is not true......rotate to be in a state of trance and you can see the true way!