Ryan Owers

Past Games

Help citizens of the universe recover their belongings in the intergalactic lost and found centre! Read their item testimony closely, and be careful, they may not always be their rightful possessions!
You are a pirate on a sinking ship! Run and Jump, plug leaks, don't sink! (and watch out for the animals!) Controls: Arrow keys: move Space: Jump Ctrl: Repair leaks
Wow. Such house. Much game! An old school 2D point and click adventure game with fantastic cute pixel art and horror twist! House of the Doge tells the story of Cookie the Doge.
Did you ever wish you could take control of your opponent's car in Rocket League?
Wave Particle Duality : Twin Stick Shooter with bullet hell huge number of enemies spawning in waves and massive stream of bullets to deal with them! Come get some!