Past Games

In a team of 2, race your Mech against the opposing team. Repair it as quickly as possible as it makes pit stops on the track.
Build your homeworld shield while destroying your enemy's.
Competitive Multiplayer. Transmit your disease through the crowds. The intercom will announce flash sales that spawns hordes of shoppers. Cough on them before they leave and earn the most points!
A gameplay video of the final build of One Punch Bot for Global Game Jam 2017.
It’s mating season! Mate Mate Evolution is a multiplayer rhythm game where players press buttons as they scroll across the screen to have their character perform a mating ritual and seduce the targ
Gain Karma by mingling with the flowers and interacting with the world. Please the flowers and attain enlightenment. Watch out! Some actions are taboo, do not piss them off.
An evil force named Viscerius has stolen the heartbeat of the world. 4 Hip Hop beat heroes must get it back. Pick up the rhythm and match the beat, and rid the world of darkness. A multiplayer beat 'em up side-scroller game, with a pinch of fantasy and Hip Hop. Gain attack combos by timing your punches with the drums/snare of the game soundtrack to perform damage combos on your enemies. Defeat 4 minibosses and venture through 4 levels to Viscerius.