Past Games

[Very unfinished]. Spending a weekend at your job, you're thinking about heading home when the doors lock and self destruct sequence activates.
NOTE: not all text is currently complete and polished, and as a result "I am who I want to be" diversifier may not work correctly toward the end. Iron Hill is a text-based game in the Penta
Artemis meets QWOP for GGJ 2013 Artie is going about his business in the morning when suddenly he is having a heart attack! Four players can cooperate to help Arty beat his heart, circulate blood to his organs and limbs, and move his arms and legs to reach the telephone and call for help! He must hold the phone against his head for 5 seconds to be saved! 4 Players ONLY Circulation: Mouse Arms: Q W E R Legs: V B N M Heart: 8 9