Past Games

A simple dress up game, which challenges the player to dress up a soldier-spy in a masculine way, with very limited options.
Katherina is a minute away from being forced into marriage to the abusive Petruchio.
A puzzle game - The hero is late for his date and start to look for her in Tel Aviv. Following clues, going from place to place, The hero hopes to catch his date before she turns back into a pumpkin.
Someone farted in the elevator! The real question is who? Who is the better sniffer? You or your friends?
Local Theme - Holocaust - The player must try to save the baby in the hideout by muffling the noise he makes while making sure he has enough air. Could there be a possible winner here?
J.O.T is sick and tired of doing manual labor. He clones himself in hope for the easy life with his clones doing all the work. Little does he know that his clones have other plans... \ The Video Intro -
A flash video based point and click quest, involving other GGJ's group members as characters.