Past Games

You control a tribe. Your god has demands. Be the tribe to appease your god's whims and win his
Show that you are the greatest Space Train Driver out there by travelling between planets, transporting cargo, killing pirates, and shooting at each other.
On a five-by-five grid, swap around tiles or slide along rows and columns in order to get lines of five numbers. Sounds boring, but is deceptively compelling.
Your body is under attack! As your body is assailed by Cooties, Chicken Pox, or the dreaded Lurgy, you must control your natural defences as you gather store oxygen, blood and nourishment, use them to help boost your immune system, and fight back against the infections.
On a ring-shaped space station, your lone heroine must search for survivors of an alien attack while avoiding the aliens, fixing the ship and, most importantly, avoiding the deadly human-killing laser sweeping round the station