Past Games

A turn based strategy game where you must build up, upgrade, and repair your tower while destroying the enemy's tower.
a puzzlescript game about breaking and repairing circuits of energy with the goal being for the player to try and reach the end while an energy loop is running.
A game about making your way home by making fires and killing monsters. You have to try and get to your home through a trail of monsters using fires as safe areas because they fear fire.
A local multiplayer game about hiding within a crowd of NPCs and attacking other players. The game can be played with a maximum of 6 people (with 2 people on the keyboard and 4 people with controll
Use W,A,S and D to move. Use E to talk to people and pick up objects. *Known bug. -The sticks you need to collect for the old man are invisible due to a graphical bug.
Chained Fairy is a puzzle platformer which involves a person and a fairy chained together. The person moves and the fairy creates platforms.